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What To Expect From Apple Event 2016

By Hamza Azhar


Apple is about to launch its new product line in San Francisco. According to the rumors in the tech market, Apple is going to introduce iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch 2. There is going to be a detailed presentation on upcoming iOS 10 as well along with the new macOS Sierra, and potentially may be the new Macbook Pros. Lets go into a detailed discussion.

iPhone 7's design will more or less be same as the iPhone 6s. However the antenna lines on the back will be more sleek and the camera will be more prominent, protruding and improved as there are a lot of rumors that iPhone 7 will feature an improved camera. The larger iPhone is believed to have a Dual-lens Camera System with a capability of capturing SLR-quality images and probably 3D images too.

iPhone 7 is rumored to come with a CPU clocked at 2.4 GHz with a new Apple A10 chip which will make the gadget incredibly fast as Apple's performance for mobile processors has been brilliant. 'Catch me if you can'

No Headphone Jack! Yes, you heard it right. Rumors have been spinning around that the new iPhone 7 won't have the headphone port as Apple has decided to get rid of it. It is still unclear that what's gonna be included in the box but if latest rumors are to be believed, Apple is set to release new wireless earphones 'AirPods' . Apple filed the AirPods trademark back in October and the idea of wireless EarPods makes plenty of sense now. 

There has been a lot of talk about Apple getting rid of the Home button, but the latest rumors suggest that instead of a physical button, the new iPhone 7 will feature a Taptic Engine. The Home button will now be a touch surface with a haptic feedback and the users will get an instant feedback thanks to the pressure-sensitivity mechanism.

Further rumors suggest that there will no longer be a 16GB model and Apple has finally decided to bury it under the ground. The minimum storage capacity of iPhone 7 will now be 32GB and according to the rumors Apple is expected to announce a 256GB iPhone 7 as well.

Waterproof or water-resistant? It is still unclear whether the new iPhone will be waterproof or water-resistant but rumors suggest that it will be waterproof so now you will finally be able to drop it down in the water without destroying it. Apple has improved the water-resistance of its devices in recent years, but it is yet to release a fully waterproof phone.

Alongside the iPhone 7, Apple is expected to launch the Apple Watch 2, iPad Mini 5 and iPad Pro 2 as well but It is still unclear whether the iPads will surface today or Apple may be saving them for a separate event taking place in October.

Let's see what's coming NEXT.