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Apple Product Certifications Reaffirm “AirPods”, 2 New iPhones, 3 New Apple Watches

By iPhone.ru


The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEC) has issued new certifications that may suggest Apple has new wireless earphones and multiple Apple Watches in the works. Amongst the certificates issued were two for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which shouldn’t really come as a huge surprise given the fact we expect the pair to be announced during Apple’s September 7th event.
EAEC certificates are issued for countries that are signed up to the EAEC treaty, with those countries including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Armenia. Products with the relevant certificates are allowed to be sold in those particular countries, so the inclusion of them for unannounced Apple products suggests those products are at least in the works, even if not imminently set for release.

As shared today, Russian site iPhones.ru found a reference to “AirPods” in certificates issues by the EAEC, amongst others, and with Apple purportedly on the verge of doing away with the 3.5mm earphone jack on upcoming iPhones, the idea of wireless EarPods makes plenty of sense indeed. To that end, the name AirPods makes so much sense, we think there may well be some legs to this particular rumor. Whether Apple will supply AirPods in the box along with each iPhone remains to be seen, but their existence alone does add weight to the idea that the earphone jack is not long for this world.

We already know that the AirPods trademark was filed for back in October, and while we know Apple registers anything and everything that it collectively thinks up, there is already clearly enough smoke to suggest there’s a fire somewhere.
The suggestion that new Apple Watch models are in the works also fits well with timescales we already know of, with the Apple Watch overdue a hardware refresh at this point.
We already know new iPhones are on their way. We expect to know on September 7th whether AirPods are a real thing, and it’s possible Apple Watches will be announced at the same time. With that in mind, at least we won’t have too long to wait before we know how accurate this latest leak was!
(Source: iPhones.ru)